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This little blog will chronicle my ventures into selling vintage items in a local antique market.
My booth is called Mad Maine Vintage Shop - it features items inspired by a certain popular TV show,
and I am located in lovely Maine. Viva Vintage!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

MM's Advent Calendar Day 4 - Antibiotics Reaction, Reusing canning lids ...


  1. I was so glad you explained about the jar lids you used because I saw your jars in your basement and was worried about you. Your point is well taken and the fact that your family has done this for years was a solid recomendation. Thanks for sharing.
    It is VERY hard to not go into a GW when one is so close. I have been trying to just stay away becasue I have too much to deal with right now. Take care, thanks for the tips.

  2. My oldest had troubles with ear infections. I got tired of pumping her with antibiotics so I asked the doctor what they did 100 yrs. ago.

    The doctor instructed me to lay her infected ear on a hot water bottle and give her Tylenol for any pain. Only once have I had a doctor treat one of my kids ear infections since because that one just wouldn't go away.

    That same doctor also informed me that Pink Eye is a simple virus. No antibiotics necessary. Cold compress for relief. They clear up rather quickly on their own. Of course we always have to keep a close eye on their ailments.

    I had to chuckle when you mentioned little items. One of my girls also likes small things and it's become an ongoing joke around here.