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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Goodwill Outlet

It's mine. No, it's Mine.  Photo credit: aardema photography

Ok, I just went to one of these Goodwill outlets I had read so much about among the serious pickers/bloggers.  It was quite the experience - and the most interesting part was to watch the serious pickers in action.  They were like circling hawks, and every time the new carts came out, they staked out their territory and built barricades with their shopping carts. 

I had my son in tow, and when one of the carts came out, I spotted a baseball glove and it looked to be perfect for him.  I told him that he could grab it, but wouldn't you know it - a grown man, old enough to be his grandfather, snatched it right out of his hand and put it under his arm!  My son was stunned, and so was I.  I was a bit turned off from the whole thing after that.  I mean - snatching a baseball glove out of the hand of a 7-year old?

The whole concept of the place was pretty neat though, once you learned to avoid the talons.  Even though I didn't grab stuff out of other people's hands, I did find some cool things.  I picked up a Babybjorn infant carrier in mint condition, a nice pestle and mortar from Portugal, some toys for the kids, a Dorothy Thorpe - style pitcher with silver rim, some vintage fish plates, an Yves Saint Laurent vintage scarf, a vintage scale and a vintage weekend suitcase.  My total was $14 and change. 

I might go back - it is a bit out of my way, but next time I will be more assertive against the hawks.  Maybe. 

Have you had any crazy experiences at a Goodwill outlet?


  1. I have only been to the one in Gorham, when it first opened and I wasn't impressed. I know it is so hit or miss shopping at thrift stores, so I should go again. I went to your store to check out the situation because I NEED to sell- my house literally looks like a thrift. The people seem who were working seem very nice, I think I saw your space, right at the front? I was trying very hard not to buy but I did buy a tiny brown ceramic vase and a dish.

  2. Oh, and taking something away from a child or anyone for that matter-awful, disgusting and rude. I was at the GW in South Portland and this guy found dishware to expand the set his mom left him. I was so happy to call him over when I found the coffee cups and saucers- I was having fun helping him spend his money. I even tried to talk him into buying another sugar bowl for insurance, but he didn't.

  3. Great to see you in the blog world again, suzieQ! Love the Goodwill in South Portland - one of my favorites! Also, I have really liked my experience at Cliff's so far (and my booth is towards the back - but in view of the cash register). Hope to run into you in the "real" world here in Maine sometime too :-)

  4. Love took me four times before I actually dug in. Can be just a bit overwhelming. I did find a vintage 1963 Hermes Scarf...almost fainted:)
    Shame on that old man...
    AKA Atomic Moxie

    1. Thanks for popping by, Moxie! Vintage Hermes? Wow - the picking spirits were with you that day, lol :-)