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My booth is called Mad Maine Vintage Shop - it features items inspired by a certain popular TV show,
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Can't beat free

It has been over a week since I stopped by a thrift store (gasp!), but I am trying to hold back until I get that larger booth at the antique market since I do NOT need to bring in more items to store at home.  I already have 6 shelves full of future merchandise in my basement, and just thinking about the TV-show Hoarders makes me panic.  However, I cannot refuse cool vintage stuff that falls into my lap for free.  One of my neighbors was getting rid of stuff, among them these 3 cool old-style airplanes.  I got them for the taking. Would have been wrong to refuse, right?

Not sure if they were kits, but they have excellent patina.  The bodies are all made of wood, but the wings on the yellow one are metal.

These would be so cool hanging from a ceiling in a boy's room - or anywhere really. 

The only trouble is:  I know nothing about planes and have no idea what to price them.  That is the problem with free - you have no base point.  If I had gotten them for $5 a piece, I would have put a price sticker of at least $15 on them (my goal is always to get a minimum 3x return).  But how do I price them based on free?  Any ideas?  I need more of these problems in my life :-)
Do you get free stuff on a regular basis?
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  1. I can't help on the question of value, but I just love your planes! They'd be amazing, as you said, in a little boy's room.

  2. I like to have these and give it to my brother. Like this kind of toys!

  3. I would't know how to price them either... but to me they look hand-crafted, made by someone who loved planes and who whittled them out of wood and used scrap metal bits, and put them together in their shed for their own joy or for a little boy...

    I love their patina too!