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This little blog will chronicle my ventures into selling vintage items in a local antique market.
My booth is called Mad Maine Vintage Shop - it features items inspired by a certain popular TV show,
and I am located in lovely Maine. Viva Vintage!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Après-ski Thrift Haul

I went skiing in the Maine mountains yesterday with the family, which was great. I have skied since I was a meter tall, and even though I mostly go cross-country skiing, I do enjoy downhill for the thrill as well. Furthermore, this particular place is NOT a resort in any sense of the word and is visited by friendly Mainers who just want to ski, eat their homemade gorp, and warm up in the rustic lobby with a real stone fireplace and vintage ski posters on the walls.  No fancy overpriced ski shops, women in fashionable furs or metro guys with their flashy city gear. And the lift tickets are only $15 for the entire day - unbeatable!

So, after a day of skiing, what better way to end the day than with an appropriate Après-ski at one of the best Goodwills in Maine? I only stop here whenever we are traveling, but it is one of my all-time favorite GWs.  And guess what, though not pictured, I also got a small wallet there that still had 6 bucks and change in it!

Anyway, I got a great Dansk Kobenstyle enamel pan for $4, and everything else was 50 cents to 1 dollar. A couple of owls (I basically pick up ANY owl these days since they all sell, some vintage-looking hemplike napkins/placemats, a super-cool game with great 60s illustrations both inside and out, a mini iron frying pan, a Pyrex bowl, a Curious George piggy bank tin (that is newer, but looks vintage), ceramic Tiki salt and pepper shakers, a couple of flower-power votives, a Scrabble soup bowl and three mugs, including a Cathy cartoon mug from 1985.  A couple of months ago, I would not have picked up newer mugs, but I have seen so many oddball mugs sell in my shop that I am expanding my range of the 80s stuff beyond smurfs and Garfield.  Also, I regularly pick up odd game pieces, especially from scrabble and domino games as well as dice, and they always disappear - crafters love them!  This Scrabble soup bowl will be cute holding some tiles in my shop. 

All in all, a great end to a fun day in the mountains.

What did you find this weekend?


  1. $6!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!! I have that Curious George bank too!!!!! And you can't beat owls!

  2. I know, it was quite the surprise - and splurged on Starbucks lattes for the drive home. Yes, Curious George, love him too. Sick of owls, but they always sell, so....