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This little blog will chronicle my ventures into selling vintage items in a local antique market.
My booth is called Mad Maine Vintage Shop - it features items inspired by a certain popular TV show,
and I am located in lovely Maine. Viva Vintage!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cold Turkey

Went by a local charity thrift on my lunch break to donate only.  A whole trash bag of outgrown kids winter stuff.  Promised I would not go inside to look around since I had a million other errands today, a deadline for work, and I was already running late.  But...

Not too far (I swear) from the drop-off bin was this vintage beauty.  I had to have it, despite Thanksgiving being 11 months away.  I need to get better keeping my own promises.  But apparently, it's a step-by-step promise.  Besides, I almost feel as if I pardoned this bird.  And hopefully he will enjoy hanging out with my other bird rescues in my booth before he goes on to his forever home.
Is it even possible to just donate and not rescue? Maybe it is not even ethical...
(Linking up with Thrifty Friday, even though technically I was not looking for any thrifty finds...ha!)


  1. Nope, that is why I often donate at a local goodwill that has a drive up drop off, so you never go inside....Geez, I would have had to snap that turkey up too!


    1. Yes, the drive-thrus are good (and I use them), but not this day. Then again, the 99 cents turkey find did make me happy :-)

  2. Yea, right. Stop by a thrift store and not go in. LOL That's like seeing an estate sale and not slamming on the brakes.

    It's a sickness. We all have it and it's okay.

  3. It's understood in my family: I will take a bag of 'junk' to donate and bring home a bag of treasures. And only one time did the junk I donated actually come back home as a treasure. I guess I wasn't really ready to donate it!

    1. Ok, that one I have yet to do. As soon as I close a bag, I never look back - and actually quickly forget what I just donated. There is hope :-)

  4. Nope, it is not possible to just donate. I have tried and tried. LOL Great find. Thank you for sharing at TTF. Have a fun day!