Mad Maine Vintage Shop

This little blog will chronicle my ventures into selling vintage items in a local antique market.
My booth is called Mad Maine Vintage Shop - it features items inspired by a certain popular TV show,
and I am located in lovely Maine. Viva Vintage!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Coming to you LIVE from my antique booth!

Ok, I chartered into new territory today. When I went to my booth this afternoon, I thought I'd make a little video instead of taking pictures.  Here is a little clip of Mad Maine, the vintage booth.

So, let me know what you think. By the way, I can't believe I forgot to add my owl shelf in my video, ugh!  Also, I now wish I had done this when my booth was a bit better stocked - it seems a little "empty" right now.  At least you all know what that means - thrift runs coming up!

Do you like watching videos when reading blogs?  If you like, you can always subscribe to my brand new channel on YouTube - I am the new kid on the block with no youtube friends ;-)


  1. The video is fun, gotta try that :) I've been putting off starting video content for too long. I love a mix of video and written content, it's nice the hear the writer's real voice. Now I'm off to my own booth to price goodies.

  2. Oh, that was fun! Even though I'm a dinasaur and prefer pictures, a good video now and then is fun! I know you will sell a lot of the vintage bar ware and Mad Men accessories, and horses are hot now too! I think your booth looks perfect, not empty at all. I sell plates with cute sayings on them too! Good luck, it looks great! Oh, and I have heard quite a few people talk about how well the old mugs sell too!


  3. I like the video aspect very much. Your commentary on what sells is interesting. I wish more booth owners would share their sales success (or not) stories.

  4. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Suitcases (any travel type bag) sell pretty quickly around here! Mugs give me terrrrrible luck! But maybe I'm not picking out the right type!

  5. Great idea to make a video! I'm glad I don't live near you...those silver band pieces are calling my name and I'd be tempted to buy, buy buy!!!

  6. Love the video! It gives such a different perspective to your booth. You're very good at merchandising. Oh, and the little turtle wall hanging is super cute!