Mad Maine Vintage Shop

This little blog will chronicle my ventures into selling vintage items in a local antique market.
My booth is called Mad Maine Vintage Shop - it features items inspired by a certain popular TV show,
and I am located in lovely Maine. Viva Vintage!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

My booth hates me

How could you?

So, I went back to my booth today to check in and fill up all the for-sure-empty shelf space since last week, and guess what - NOTHING had sold. Zilch!  Hanging up this sad-eyed puppy sort of emphasized the mood.

This is not the agreement I had with my space.  I thought we were buddies, my booth and I. I guess he thought we had a much more serious and committed relationship, and he must have heard that I was trading him out for a better version and now he's pissed at me for giving up on him.
"You are leaving me for him?  What does he have that I don't? Oh, I bet he is bigger, is that it? Just tell me, you have wanted him from the start, haven't you?  And what about me, the one who has been so good to you? Yeah, nice guys always finish last. Well, fine! See if I care.  But don't you come around here expecting anything from me again.  We're through, you antique booth hussy".

So, this was not the way I wanted to go into this holiday weekend.  Besides, I wanted to write another blog post about how everything has just been flying off the shelves because I have the most irresistible stuff ever.  Yeah, not happy with the cold shoulder treatment.  But I am here to report the truth about my antique booth endeavors, so I have to give you the downsides too.

On another note, I am participating in the holiday sale my antique market is promoting, so all my stuff will be 25% off starting Saturday.  Also, I have been holding back on putting out the really good stuff since I want to save that for my new booth.  (No wonder he's pissed.)

Do you participate in sales?   Do you see a big boost in sales? Do you have a complicated relationship with your booth?


  1. What can you say, bigger is better :)

  2. Dude, your booth is bummed because its sad you are moving on. But your bigger one will love love love you! I can't wait to see it!

    1. Sad and vengeful. No looking back now :-)

  3. I love reading about your journey with your store. You booth looks so good! Retail really can be unpredictable, the best we can do is keep switching items out and keep plugging away sometimes!

    1. Thanks, Van. I just like unpredictable more when it's the good kind ;-)