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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Columbus Day Souvenirs

Whales, owl, butterflies, lobster, Mad Men glasses and mod flower mug with red tray - only the best tourist shops have these kinds of souvenirs.

I went away to Acadia for the holiday weekend with the family.  It is one of our favorite spots to hike and bike, and we were lucky to hit on a good time to see the fall colors too.  We actually stay in a small town not far from the island, and one of the best parts is that it is across the street from a huge new Goodwill (surely a contributor to the motel star rating, ha!).
So, of course, I have to stop in whenever we go there, and I am never disappointed, and their prices are so much better than my local GWs.  Everything in the picture above was $0.99 or less.

I actually was a bit disappointed though - I happened upon the perfect dress form, which I have been looking for forever.  This one had all the adjustments in working order, was of excellent quality, made in England and hardly looked used at all. And the price - only $9.99! 

It looked like this one - love at first sight

However, I was not able to convince hubby that I should buy it (it would not fit in the trunk due to luggage, bike gear, etc.).  Basically, he did NOT think it would be fine to drive home for 4 hours with a dummy in between us or between the kids in the back seat (even though I suggested we dress it in hiking gear for a slightly less awkward look).  Nope. Sigh.

However, all in all I was happy with my souvenirs - which will all go to my new and bigger antique booth in 5 days! 

Do you stop by thrift stores when you are on vacation?  Is your significant other ok with that? Would s/he have accepted an extra dummy passenger for the ride home?

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  1. Love Acadia! We have family in that area. And your whales are so cool! Glad you had a good time, bummed you didn't get the dress form. Have you seen all the cool sites that show how to make your own dress form? Looks kind of easy...maybe. :-)

  2. The whales just look so happy:) love them

  3. Great haul!! I love the roly poly glasses...they seem to be getting harder and harder to find.