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Friday, February 15, 2013

I promise this post has a point

 I am not a Valentine's Day girl.  My husband clearly lucked out on that one.  I didn't grow up with the holiday, and when I came to America, it never grew on me like Halloween did.  I think I arrived 4o years too late as far as Valentine's Day is concerned - to me it is just a cheesy commercial holiday full of mass-produced red roses, pre-printed cards, bland candy and crowded restaurants. However, hubby knows how to be romantic, and sent me out for a couple of hours at my two favorite Goodwills while he fed the kids and put them to bed.  Now THAT is love!

Since I had the whole evening, I lingered a while in the book section.  Normally I get trapped there and, Bam!  - two hours have flown by.  I picked up this since it included a recipe for this:

Frankfurter crown roast!  Yes, now I need to get cookin'.  Will probably serve this with a side of something glued together by gelatin.  And for the cooking I need an:

Adorable apron!  This has a whole school theme, including an angry head mistress. And:
Cute kids with a dancing poodle.  And how appropriate that my apron has girls wearing aprons on it.  Of course, when I cook, I will need a:
A manual beater!  I love these things and they work well to freak out the cats too.  And then I need: 


 This doo-hickey.  Actually, I have no idea what this is, but it looks like it is supposed to squeeze juice out of something and then strain it.  It had me at "Made in Italy".
Do you know what this is for? There are a million things I can imagine doing with this thing, which is probably not appropriate. Or legal.
Then my fine meal will need a fancy Japanese tray.  Or:
A cheesy Irish tray.  No wait, that will have to wait until St Patrick's Day.  How about:
A stylish mid-century modern tray?  Surely such a fine meal needs some elegant processed cheese and Ritz crackers first.
All this cooking is making me thirsty, and I will pour my drink  into:
A 1987 Pepsi glass.  And my drink of choice is lemonade from:
This large Pyrex juice pitcher!  And while the frankfurter crown roast is cooking I will call my girlfriend on my newest:
Rotary dial phone.  Which is more pink in real life than in this picture.  And then we will talk about our upcoming trip together.  And for that I will need:
A trip log book where you can jot down all the fabulous things you are doing and get helpful advice such as this:
Of course, remember to pack ball gowns in my luggage!  Silly me, I would have forgotten.  And maybe we will see exotic animals like this:
And buy wall decals to remind us of them when we get home.  Ok, now I need coffee!  How about:
Some coffee from this?  No silly, that is a perfume bottle.  I know I have coffee here somewhere though.  And sugar.  Lots of sugar. Which needs canisters such as these:
Four apothecary jars!  Two large, a medium and a small one (with curious numbers etched into them).  Ok, now I need to pour my coffee into:
An older Spode Christmas cup, with saucer.  I have a whole set of this, so what is one more, right?  The left-over coffee I will save for hubby in: 
This manly coffee contraption. 
Then I will put flowers in my new vase:
With butterflies.
And where I like the backside even better.  And then the kids will be home:
And we will do homework and read books.  And then I will send my son out to play in the snow with:
His brand "new" down jacket.  Which contained:
$7 in one of the pockets at the time of purchase!
So, the point of the post is: Go out and spend $46 by yourself on Valentine's Day, browse the book isle, pick up a funky recipe book, and eventually you will end up with a whole lot of inventory for your antique booth, some stuff for yourself, and $7 dollars in your pocket. 
And a crowd-pleasing frankfurter crown roast.
How did you spend Valentine's day?


  1. Mine wasn't nearly as loot-worthy as yours! I can't believe that you got all of that AND seven dollars. : ) What a good man to take care of the homefront while you went to the thrifts.

    1. I know! It was a fun evening - AND he had a glass of red ready when I got home. Maybe I shouldn't be so sour about this day after all :-)

  2. Wow -- it's amazing you found money in something from Goodwill. They must have had a newbie processing clothing that day. BTW -- I could have gone all week without knowing about such a thing as frankfurter crown roast. That is seriously disturbing. :-)

  3. I know, and it is not the first time! Just a couple of months ago I bought a wallet with money still in it! I have also found money used as bookmarks in books. Makes for an extra fun find, of course :-)

  4. hot dog crown roast. Looks gross.

    I dare you to prepare that for supper sometime this week.

    It would make a terrific blog post.

  5. I believe your "doo-hickey" is to squeeze lemon wedges. Lucky you for finding $$ in the jacket - talk about instant rebate! Love the apothecary jars.